ELSC Whitby Ontario

Welcome to the Eternal Life Spiritual Centre
The Spiritual Science Fellowship-Fraternité des Sciences Spirituelles


Eternal Life Spiritual Centre of the Spiritual Science Fellowship (ELSC of the SSF) welcomes persons from all religious traditions and walks of life. We are a  non-profit, Spiritualist religious organization which draws together the teachings of Spiritualism with other world religions that promote metaphysical thinking and healthful living for the development of the total person.

The Seven Spiritualist Principles

We believe:

  1. In an Infinite Creator of All That Is, which we know as God.
  2. In the unity and connection of all God’s creation, human and non-human.
  3. That communication with Spirits and Angels is a fact.
  4. That the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after this life.
  5. In moral responsibility of the individual for every thought, word and deed.
  6. That we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature’s Physical and Spiritual Laws.
  7. That eternal progress is open to every soul, here and hereafter. Divine Grace is freely available to all.


Billfold Blessing:

Bless this billfold, Lord I pray; replenish it from day to day
May the bills flow in and out; blessing people all about
Help me earn and wisely spend; show me when to buy & lend
Thank you God, for bills to pay for the things I need each day
When it’s empty, put in more from Thy vast, abundant store.

By: Nona Keen Duffy